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You will see the new BMW X2 on the streets next year!!!

The BMW X2 is the surprise from the Bavarian  brand for all the fans at the Paris Auto Show.

We’ve been waiting for this model for a long time, but it will be soon on the streets.

In 2018, the Bavarian engineers say they will  have ready the new BMW X2, but with some bodywork changes for this already wonderful desing.  In general is actually a familiar design with a larger center air intake, below the  massive kidney grille and the headlights are narrow.

The BMW X2 is somewhat an update to the BMW X1 and will be built in the same factory at BMW Regensburg in Germany. The price of the model starts from 30.000 euro and will be available in several variants.

The BMW brand has proven to be a great success worldwide in the past few years, which is why they always bring new, futuristic ideas in the world of automobiles.