Big turbo BMW vs Bugatti


Published on April 13, 2017 by unplugvids

Sounds hard to guess who wins? Not for us, Bmw fans. We already know Bmw M5 E34 will win this race against Veyron. Sounds crazy, but it proves again the bavarian performance. Even if it`s not about the latest Bmw M(it`s actually a very old Bmw M5) it makes it look so easy to win the race against this Veyron. Why is this happening when everyone should be tempted to bet for Veyron as winner? It`s actually because this Bmw M5 E34 has a very interesting story, not many know about. It has been prepared by AG Motorsport, with 900 HP. It may not seem that much compared to the Veyron, but maybe it has this huge advantage when it comes to the total mass of this car. Anyway what you are about to see in this video is insane!

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