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Strange Tuning BMW e30!!!

Strange Tuning! What do you think of a BMW like this one? Would you drive a E30 like that?



It`s actually a BMW model and an antique car, with a retro styling. The tuning is called Custom Gatsby BMW and it belongs to a man who wanted to have a car different from the rest.



It is made based on the BMW 3 Series 3 produced between 1982 and 1994. If we think this, the BMW E30 itself is a very old car and this transformation takes the car 50 years ago when such cars were made. We can not say that it is ugly if we are old car fans and love original ones, but for a BMW, a world-famous sport car, very performant, then YES! Is a rather ugly tuning.


This type of gold color is carefully chosen to recreate the old cars. The interior it belongs to a BMW e30 with small changes and an enormous engine and turbo under the hood. About the design there`s a lot to say, from the gold wheel arches that are as long as the vehicle, an a unique front grille and the super stereo system, it`s a very interesting car.



Considering the fact that a lot of money was invested in this tuning and that is also an old car, it probably costs a fortune. And the best is still to come: It`s only done 27000 miles!!!



The last time the car was located in a showroom in Indianapolis America and the estimated price was about 30,000 dollars. But in reality the owner does not think he will sell only for that price. It is clear that he is a real passionate BMW fan, because he desired such an unique model and he invested original ideas in making it. He probably could afford a much better BMW car, but we must admit he was very original and if he likes it, then he can enjoy the car`s performances in that super original design.