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Monstrous scandal – BMW Clone?!

Monstrous scandal after The Chinese have cloned several models of the Bavarian brand.

We already know that the Chinese make great copies, but maybe this is too much. They began with one model and then they expanded.

A legal war broke out between the Bavarian BMW brand and the cars from China, which copied in detail every line of the Bavarian design.

CEO brand produced in China by anonymous investors, only changed the headlights of the X5 body and the rest is exacly the same.

The Shuanghuan Automobile Distributor in Italy and Central Europe had already sold 200 copies until the Bavarians discovered the clone and sued them, but they continued to sell cloned CEO cars and it says they sell around 1,200 units per year.

These anonyms have produced clones of several models, some of which are world top, luxury, and exaggeratedly expensive.

This CEO is so hideous that we were amazed that so many models are bought.

On the street there are these models and are also on the market.

We hope that in the future there will be less car clones, because even if there is a beautiful design the performances can not reach the ones from the famous bavarian brand.

There can not be a 1:1 clone, because it will always matter also the engine and the performances of the car. Also the original ideas will always be more appreciated.