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BMW Motorrad Concept 6

BMW Concept 6 is the model of the motorcycle that takes you with the thought unlimited power performance.

This model has a 6-cylinder engine, and was designed for the K1600GT / GTL. The suspension of this interesting BMW Concept 6 is built around a light-alloy bridge frame.The engine of this motorcycle develops 160CP but can reach up to 200CP.

It also has a 17″ HP forged wheels and extra-large brake systems with six-piston fixed calipers. It`s a concept for an exceptional future engine, this concept has been presented in several motorcycle showrooms in the world, but it does not seem to have made a pretty compelling impression. For this reason the engine remains only in the concept phase for now.

This Concept 6 is not just a simple motor, but a promising future in the world of BMW engines a BMW motorcycle,a real masterpiece of high level technology. Some rumors, however, say that this concept will come out on the market, but in a slightly modified version.