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For the year 2016, the fastest BMW in the world is the well-known BMW M4 GTS.

The fabrication of this model is limited to 700 copies. Acceleration from 0-100km / h in just 3.8sec makes this model a racing car all the way, competing with the fastest cars in the world.

It is the first model to be equipped with OLEDs, the world premiere. This model was launched at the the 30th anniversary of the first M3.

This model has circuit performance, with an engine innovation, with a water injection system in the intake system that helps a lot it`s performance.

This water injection system in the intake system helps, first of all, to cool down the intake air, and that helps to reduce fuel consumption and engine performance. M Twin-Power Turbo, the most advanced technology from BMW in the world of engines. Engine capacity is 2979cc, 368kw and 500cc at 6250rpm and a maximum torque of 600nm. Its speed is limited to 305km / h and consumption of 8.3l / 100km and it`s EURO6.

BMW M Gmbh launched the first M3 model in 1986 and this is the 30-year anniversary model M3.