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BMW i8 Roadster

Such a desired surprise for the BMW i8 fans!


BMW will launch i8 in 2018, the statement was made by the CEO of the Bavarian constructor. Six years after the first BMW i8, the BMW Ceo announced at a press conference in California, that the roadster version for the BMW i8 will be released in 2018.


This version will have many improvements, like the better autonomy for the battery and of course it will have a much stronger engine.


The first BMW i8 concept was launched at the German car show and managed to attract a lot of people because of the beautiful, impresive design and then a year later it presented the I8 Spyder model at the Beijing Auto Show.


The Bavarians did not mention anything about the convertibl one, but recently on a press release, Harald Krueger announced through press release that the i8 Roadster will be launched in 2018.


Rumors say the model will have the same engine version under the hood as the i8 coupe. The bodywork will support some modifications without the concept presented, but there will be no major changes in design.