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BMW CS Vintage Concept!!!

BMW CS Vintage Concept is old and new car at the same time.

This amazing concept is designed by artist David Obendorfer and is one of the most challenging BMW Concept models in recent years.

This model is based on the 6 Series platform, a sporty model. It`s actually a combination of the 2000CS (an antique model of it`s era) and Giovanni Michelotti’s BMW E9.

Is a kind of antique car combined with today designs and that gives it an old touch, but at the same time a modern elegance.

The interior it` s so special, it highlights mahogany with wood and leather, but in combination with today’s technology makes such a model so desirable for your garage.

We can not say that it is a rare beauty, but if we think it has been designed precisely to highlight the style of the era, then it is actually a very special model.

We hope to see it as soon as possible rolling on our streets, because it is such an interesting model and makes BMW fans curious.