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BMW Active 2 Tourer

BMW Active 2 Tourer rather a controversial car!

The BMW 2 Series will have front wheel drive. Bavarians will give up for this model for rear-wheel drive in favor of the new UKL platform, front-wheel drive.

About the BMW 2 Series, we think that it is necessary the front wheel drive because is a familiar car. Some say that a stable car on the road has a front wheel drive, but we say that not any weather condition this option is good.

This will probably end the charm of the Bavarian brand with rear-wheel drive, we think it`s rather hard to drive this car, but we are probably wrong and it will be a great sport car as the Bavarian brand makes it`s models. Although we are accustomed to futuristic, new ideas Bavarian engineers have, this is actually weird.

For the first time in its history, the Bavarian brand, (at the 84th edition of the Geneva Motor Show), gives us the news that the new BMW Active 2 Tourer has a front-wheel drive, but this is not a surprise here. The Bavarian brand reveals that this model will be a minivan.

The 218i has a 1.5-liter engine under the hood and develops 136CP and the next 318d that has 150CP with consumption of 4.1l / 100km. For those who want more adrenaline, they can also find larger engines with over 200cp under the hood.

In the near future, the Bavarians also promise to produce a full-traction wheel series 2.