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BMW 8 Series Concept

The rumors that Bavarians will bring a top model in 2020 seem to be true.

Even if there is no official confirmation, but it seems as credible as it is a lot of pictures on the internet with the new prototype prepared for 2020.


Although we expect the 9th Series from BMW, they plan on releasing a new 8 Series.

They also got a code name, G14 / G15, and this means that in 2020 we will have two versions of the BMW 8 Series.

It is not yet known whether it will be coupe or gran coupe, but there will certainly be two different models.

This model will definitly be in the tops and will leave behind other brands.

Knowing that in the 8th series they do not have a coupe version, this model will probably have a model of this kind, but it`s still a surprise.

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